Mental Health Store Case Study

  • After a long office Monday, Swati was returning from the office.
  • While reflecting on her day she realized more than half of her day went worrying regarding the content delivery for the accounts, and realized her days are spent working with the wrong kind of emotion.
  • She addresses the issue of keeping the work the central theme of her life. Over the explores for tools for use at her workplace and home in order to be in the right emotions.
  • She feels a bit irritated as she has to go through long content for finding the right tool after having a tiring day.
  • After selecting the tool she visits an eCommerce site where she finds out the tool is out of stock and she has to wait for a few days to get the right tool.
  • After having a tiring day, hunting for the right tool and being unable to place an order makes her feel disappointed.
  • Unable to find the right tools for managing her mental health.
  • Have to scout for information regarding the right tools and purchase them manually based on their availability.
  • No organized platform for purchasing the tools.

There will be another set of potential users who will require medications to maintain their mental health condition. These conditions can be ranged from major to minor intensity and they can be helped by providing them with relevant features in the store.

  • Bubble wrap for stress buster.
  • Rock salt lamp
  • Noise cancelation earbuds
  • Journals
  • Adult coloring books
  • Acupressure Mats
  • Gel eye mask

Link for Information Architecture, Screens & Prototype



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