Diet Management Tool Case Study

  • To be fit.
  • Control his food intake.
  • Find ways to regulate his food intake.
  • Doing relevant activities to manage his calories
  • Long sitting job, lethargy.
  • Increasing waist number.
  • Facing stress while working results in his overeating.
  • Not being consistent while maintaining his food habits, due to stress sometimes breaks his discipline.
  • Maintaining track of his calory discipline feels clumsy with present apps.
  • Track daily food intake and notify regarding overeating.
  • Track water intake, sleep, and exercise.
  • Extra tips to extra calories in case the user has been identified as overeating. This could be suggesting to him the amount of exercise be done or some remedies to make things even.
  • Healthy recipes
  • Counting macros
  • Dietician support
  • Customized plan according to the user needs
  • Giving a sense of progress by giving a streak system to finish goals daily.
  • Allowing the mistakes as it may be possible that the user might overeat someday and go on a guilt trip so they need to be cheered up to keep them motivated.
  • Keeping them motivated with daily progress so that they could be excited to keep on hunting the goals.
  • Leaderboards and Communities can be present to activate their competitive instinct. This may not work as this is competition with self. But this could add a lot of value as generally when we join gym we seek a partner to accompany us and friendly competitiveness. So, this feature intends to trigger that emotion.
  • Also, there could be a surprise for them as during the finishing streak they could be given a discount over pro versions as a reward and this offer could be availed for a limited time. So, that they would face the fear of missing this out.
  • Giving the taste of extra tips feature for a limited time so that they could experience its benefits. This will be unlocked as a reward for streaks.

Link for Information Architecture, Flows & Screens



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