Diet Management Tool Case Study

This project seeks to create a tool to help its users track their daily food intake and add value to their conscious eating journey.

The Problem

It is well known that obesity and a sedentary lifestyle coexist. Not only does obesity impacts self-esteem but also it lowers overall productivity and increases the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Competitive Analysis Insights

To develop an understanding of what is already present in the market, I explored a few apps which are HealthifyMe, Evolut, Cultfit, and fat secret. These apps are very well crafted and it revolves around improving the living style of the user and helping them to achieve their desired goals.

Only HealthifyMe and Fat secret had a diet calory tracker. The way they help users flow to the completion is tasked is that first, they understand the user details. During onboarding, they will ask for the weight, height, age, lifestyle, etc details, and then they will ask for their goals as in if they want to lose weight or gain weight with data. After that, the user will be presented with a tool to calculate its details by putting the amount of food and getting it calculated to the daily food intake goal. Also, they suggest the water intake for the daily goals. Healthify me has an added feature to calculate burned calories through tracking exercises and sleep trackers.

User Persona


Age: 33

Location: Banglore

Profession: IT Engineer

Gary is a well-accomplished IT professional. Due to his sedentary lifestyle, he has developed obesity which made him lethargic. Through work sometimes he gets stressed and he eats during stress. His general physician has suggested controlling his overeating and making relevant lifestyle changes. Due to lockdown and pandemic, his sitting has increased and physical work is reduced as he won’t have to travel to the office. Gary is quite concerned as he understands obesity risks to developing cardiovascular diseases and he wants to be disease-free. But still, he is facing challenges to deal with stress as eating has become his coping mechanism.


  • To be fit.


  • Find ways to regulate his food intake.


  • Long sitting job, lethargy.


Pain Points

  • Facing stress while working results in his overeating.

Product Features

Regular Mode

  • Track daily food intake and notify regarding overeating.

Pro Mode

  • Extra tips to extra calories in case the user has been identified as overeating. This could be suggesting to him the amount of exercise be done or some remedies to make things even.


  • Dietician support

Business Goals

Considering that the business goal is to make users transition into the pro version so that the business can get value out of its services.


To make users move into pro features, we need to make them hooked to the app by giving them a gamified experience.

Duolingo’s approach to gamification is very interesting and could be applied to this product as well. Few ideas:

  • Giving a sense of progress by giving a streak system to finish goals daily.

Overeating due to stress lies in the domain of mental health. In the future features related to mental health, and regulation could be developed to expand the user base and generate more revenue.

This product is towards transformation and progress. To make the experience alive a mascot will add value. It will develop the product voice and help the users develop a connection with the app. This mascot could also be used to market the pro features and persuade to buy that out.

Link for Information Architecture, Flows & Screens



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